Shooting The Breeze

Shooting The Breeze is an hour long film night run and curated by Rachel Stubbings, at Kino Bermondsey (used to be called Shortwave Cinema), situated on Bermondsey Square.

Next event is September 20th, if you’d like a ticket, click here: I really want a ticket. Contributors for Septembers night include: Luke McQueen, Diane Morgan, Michael Salami, Craig Ainsley, Rosie Jones, Gareth Tunley, Charlotte Regan and more. There’s an event on facebook here.

Please join the Shooting The Breeze facebook group if you want to keep up to date.

It’s a valuable platform for mini cinematic gems that might otherwise fly under the radar – Shooting the Breeze puts beautiful, short, cinematic pieces up on the silver screen where they belong.” – The Independent (full article by Alice Jones here)

Below are some Shooting The Breeze favourites.