while you were away

Gabriel Miller wrote this, who I met because he made an excellent film called A Reasonable Request which I screened it Shooting The Breeze. He was a massive fan of Richard Herring and we immediately began collaborating. Ben Mallaby directed it who directed One Tw*t and the acting showreels I wrote. So that’s that.

While You Were Away was screened at Cannes, Loco, Encounters and won the Audience Award at the ÉCU International Film Festival.

However silly the lines get, the whole piece is grounded by superb performances by Richard Herring and Rachel Stubbings. …an amazing bleak comedy…. much funnier than most Hollywood comedies of the past few years in a fraction of the run time. ” – UK Film Review

“… as tender as it is unexpected and as bleak as it is hilarious. …Stars Richard Herring and Rachel Stubbings do not disappoint. Their dual knockout performances lend an unshakeable air of emotional authenticity and make While You Were Away a must see film.” – CutPrintFilm

Written by Gabriel Miller
Directed by Ben Mallaby
Produced by Sophie Stacey
DOP Aaron Rogers
Sound Kieron Johnston
Make up by Sophia Weary
Editor Charlie France

Starring Richard Herring and Rachel Stubbings