Kitchen Gym

Kitchen Gym creators, lovers and former addicts, Graham Lewis and Rybekah Roxton-Sandach are looking to raise the £6000 they desperately need to make their “revolutionary” Kitchen Gym DVD’s.

What’s Kitchen Gym? Here comes the science bit! Kitchen Gym means working-out and making delicious, nutritious smoothies AT THE SAME TIME. Say what? As Rybekah will tell you, “No, you are not f*cking dreaming! You actually read that. No excuses now, Fatty!”

This flawless concept will have you sweating and squeezing simultaneously as you juice your podge away and look more attractive!

You can donate to Graham and Rybekah’s plea for crowdfunding on the Kickstarter site at this handy link:

Being new to crowdfunding, it will be quite a surprise if they reach their desired funding total. But you never know.

Tweet Graham and Rybekah: @kitchengym