Fifteen Minutes

Hello. I’ve been directing a show for the Edinburgh fringe. It’s called Rosie Jones, Fifteen Minutes. It’s a comedy romp through Rosie’s life as a competitive, naughty prick with cerebral palsy. It’s on at 8.30pm every day (apart from the 13th because its bad luck) at Pleasance This. Bit of fun. Book tickets here: YUM YUM

Shooting The Breeze February films

Another lovely Shooting The Breeze – big thank you to all the talented filmmakers and a wonderful audience. Here’s what you saw/missed. Next one is May17th Working With Jigsaw from Chris Capel on Vimeo. Taking Stock (2017) from Duncan Cowles on Vimeo. David Elms – Regular from RANDOM ACTS on Vimeo. Peach Club – Chris Hayward Robot Sex final ep – Ben Mallaby Mardi – … Continue reading Shooting The Breeze February films »

Shooting The Breeze September 2017

What a lovely time we all had. Apart from two films, a directorial debut by Mike Wozniak called SUMP, which I think needs to stay offline for a bit, and a new/old sketch from The Blaine Brothers, all the films from Septembers Shooting The Breeze are below. Big thank you to Jim Cummings, Toby Williams, Ben Mallaby, Jon Drever, Matteo Mosterts, Chris and Ben Blaine, … Continue reading Shooting The Breeze September 2017 »

Robox Sex with Richard Herring

This is a series Richard Herring wrote based on a real life argument he had with his wife, as part of his AIOTM series. I play his wife Catie. Directed by Ben Mallaby.  

happy f*cking valentines

Luke McQueen and I, having a nice date. Brett Goldstein and I, at the end of a nice date. Panic Stations #3 from Jim Owen on Vimeo. Harri Grace and I, after a nice date.

One Tw*t has arrived…

This is a film I wrote called One Tw*t directed by Ben Mallaby. Julie’s connection to her brother is so strong it stops her meeting a man. That is, until Bradley shows up. Starring Mike Wozniak, Tom Meeten and Rachel Stubbings

In memory of Paul Cobley

For Mr. Cobley. I write this from the dark, for my brightest light is out. Today I was meant to see my friend to say goodbye forever, but he’d gone before I got there. I know grief. I know that if you catch it in the right moment, it can be love, not loss. I hope to do that here. I loved Paul Cobley on … Continue reading In memory of Paul Cobley »