“Brilliantly funny… heaps of fun.” – Time Out

Edinburgh 2012

“Sharp act” –  The Metro

“Original and intelligent… Her performance is perfectly polished and professional… it’s easy to become captivated by her weird little world.” –  Broadway Baby

“Adroitly nuanced spectacle” – The Independent

“This quick witted and quirky show will definitely brighten your afternoon: Rachel pitches audience interaction perfectly” –  Hairline

“Her charming delivery keeps the crowd on side and the laughs rolling… often cringeworthy, frequently hilarious, and always clever.” The Skinny

“Stubbings is naturally gifted, with a structure and pace which perfectly suit her material. Just the right amount of racy, with an edge so sharp it will tear up your afternoon for sure.” – Scotsgay

‘Hot New Talent’ – Time Out – full article here: Edinburgh Fringe 2012 Highlights

‘Top Picks For 2012’ – The Sun – full article here: Rachel Stubbings, The Sun Interview

Interview with The Skinny here: The Skinny Interview

Edinburgh 2010

“An unusually high standard of innovation and comic writing” – The List

“Rachel Stubbings delivers a master-class in deadpan, brilliantly undercutting any penile pomposity – a comic treat.”  – Three Weeks

“Outstanding comic abilities” – BroadwayBaby

For Can We Talk?

“…the comic performance from Rachel Stubbings in ‘Can We Talk?’ stood out” – Jason Solomons (Film critic for The Observer, Chairman of The London Film Critics’ Circle)

“Superb!” – John Lloyd (Spitting Image, QI)

“Brilliant performances” – Larry Charles (Borat, Bruno, Curb Your Enthusiasm)

For Hearts and FLowers

“Hearts and Flowers was genuinely frightening – the tangerine man was definitely the stuff of nightmares!” – Nick Cave

Misc stand-up

“of particular note was Rachel Stubbings: Full of confidence and swagger” –  – Three Weeks

“Sharp witted…destined for hugeness” – Time Out

“Rachel Stubbings is completely relaxed on stage, giving each gag its proper time to simmer. She’s also just the kind of stand-up I enjoy – a jaded East London scenester who’s completely willing to take the piss out of herself for being so” – Spoonfed

“Rachel Stubbings’s dry, deconstructive and ironic jokes delighted the audience… and she had the best joke (and hair) of the night” – Gay Scene Magazine

“very few jokes…as infectious – and welcome – as crabs” – Steve Bennett (Chortle)