November’s Shooting The Breeze – thanking you all please

Despite the standard post-Shooting The Breeze hangover, I feel all fuzzy with appreciation. Thank you to all the filmmakers, of which I have mentioned below, and thank you to all who came. With a risk of sounding like a ruddy hippy, nothing makes me happier than sharing good films with good people.

We opened with The Blacksmith written and directed by STB fave Jon Drever at Grain Media, shot by Richard Jephecote (AKA Ricky Tick), featuring a Penguin bar, a horse and me.

The Blacksmith from Grain Media on Vimeo.

We had two brilliant brilliant brilliant, micro shorts from Johnny Burns and Pier Van Tijn at Big Red Button; Baklava and This Is Why Gerald Should Be Supervised. They’re exciting.

This from Gabriel Miller, directed by Andrew Laurich. One of my favourite shorts of the year.

A Reasonable Request from Andrew Laurich on Vimeo.

From Cardinal Burns we saw Inzane, plus a message from some pretty important filmmakers. Fingers crossed they never reach their Kickstarter goal.

I demonstrated how I’ve managed to bag so many roles in unpaid short films by screening a clip of me being an actor. Directed by Ben Mallaby, hair and make up by Sophia Weary.

How To Do An Actors Showreel with Rachel Stubbings part 1 from Rachel Stubbings on Vimeo.

Shooting The Breeze also mini-premiered a couple of belters which I can’t show here because they’re doing the festival rounds but Across The Sea directed by the lovely Kelly Robinson was as beautiful as it was sad. Produced by Mat Baynton and Matthew Mulot. There was also Guy & Doll written by funny men Toby Willams and Paul F Taylor, directed by STB favourite, Ben Mallaby and starring Rebecca Shorrocks (one of my fave actors).

Then I ended with a clip of Gareth Tunley’s brilliant feature film, The Ghoul. A psychological thriller starring Tom Meeten, Alice Lowe, Paul Kaye, Dan Skinner and Geoff McGivern. I was in it but I think I got cut, for being being too good at acting or something, Gareth was quite vague. Its brilliant.  Trailer below.

The Ghoul Ten Second Teaser from Gareth Tunley on Vimeo.

It was all really excellent and for the first time in Shooting The Breezes history, ole’ Lord Sugar over here broke even. Thank you if you came and sorry if you couldn’t get a ticket. Do come again. I’ll let you know of 2016 dates shortly.

And thank you to all the contributors. Literally couldn’t have done it without you.