Rachel Stubbings, Shooting The Breeze

September’s Shooting The Breeze – A Big Thank You

Firstly, a thank you to everyone that came to Shortwave Cinema for Shooting The Breeze – for your patience during the black out, your politeness at being chucked out and your lovely feedback after.

This months’s contributors were nothing short of brilliant, I aim to thank every single one them below. Not many actual links to the films, as many aren’t available in the public sphere just yet.

We saw Alex Macqueen and Catherine Tate be painfully funny, with a dollop of understated magic in in Not Sophie’s Choice. Written by Tom Cottle, directed by Matt Holt, produced by Gina Lyons.

Three, one minute episodes of  The Wankers, written and performed by Alistair Green and Diane Morgan. Beautifully acted, wonderfully shot and directed by the brilliant Jim Owen.

For Life, written and performed by Brett Goldstein, directed by Will Bridges, also starring Laura Haddock is a wonder. Brett’s always been one of my favourite actors to work with and For Life optimises why; honest and a warm and really, really good.

I got to introduce you to my new best friend (we’ve never met) MP Cunningham from the states. I wanted to show you more as he’s brilliant, but ran out of time. I showed Bath Salts (below) but I implore you to “waste” hours of your life as I have watching his Cronkites stuff on Vimeo.

Bath Salts from MP Cunningham on Vimeo.

Mosquito, written by Michael Spicer, directed by Ben Mallaby and starring Alice Lowe, Richard Herring, Michael Spicer and myself got its first outing, albeit unfinished. You can watch the trailer for it here:

Mosquito Trailer from Ben Mallaby on Vimeo.

Mark O’Sullivan and Miles Chapman were weird, heartbreaking and amazing in Anniversary. I’m so glad they’re in the world making stuff. Thank goodness.

Well, One Tw*t, was at its very height, unmade, but it was so great to put it in front of an audience to check we hadn’t done something awful. I have high hopes for this film and thank everyone involved for an obscene amount of unpaid graft. Its written by me, directed by Ben Mallaby and stars the very patient and extremely talented Mike Wozniak and Tom Meeten.

Nina Forever – trailer, written and directed by the Blaine Brothers. A lovely way to end the night, proof that we can make the features we care about. The film’s coming out in the cinema’s in February. If the script and trailer are anything to go by, its going to bad ass.

Thank you thank you.

Next one is November 26th, usual place: Shortwave Cinema. Details to follow.