Shooting The Breeze 23/02/15

Just wanted to say a big thank you to everyone who came to Shooting The Breeze on Monday and to all the (I’m going to swear now) fucking amazing filmmakers. Below are some samples for your viewing pleasure.

We kicked it off with Jon Drever’s Corner Boys #3 which unfortunately isn’t available online. In fact, Jon cut it the night before going to the Oscars where Grain’s wonderful documentary Virunga, was up for an award. Below are the first two episodes of Corner Boys, starring Brett Goldstein and Scroobius Pip.

Corner Boys from Grain Media.

Corner Boys #2 from Grain Media.

This is like a shot of coffee. I expect only good things will come of dear ole’ Chris MacFarlane.

An Animation About a Rabbit from Chris MacFarlane.

We played the entirety of A Kindness but its hot off the press and not available to the public yet, will post as soon as it is.

A Kindness from Giles Ripley.

I’m sneaking this one in, when really, I did a read of a new, longer script of it with brilliant Alex Kirk.

Good Grief from Jim Owen.

Gareth Tunley showed a trailer for a feature film he has made featuring Tom Meeten called The Ghoul, which was amazing but its not out at the mo. Here’s a nonsense film the two of them made which I really love.

The Baron from Gareth Tunley.

Didn’t get a chance to show this in the end but here’s a brilliant film from Danny and one of his brilliant micro shorts.

A Fistful of Wolves from Danny Sangra on Vimeo.

Susie Mustard from Danny Sangra.

We got a sneak peak at a new spooky short written, directed and starring Alice Lowe but again, can’t upload that. Here’s one the two of us made some years back.

Love Song by Alice Lowe

Details of the next Shooting The Breeze will be available soon.