Rachel Stubbings, Shooting The Breeze

Shooting The Breeze February films

Another lovely Shooting The Breeze – big thank you to all the talented filmmakers and a wonderful audience. Here’s what you saw/missed.

Next one is May17th

Working With Jigsaw from Chris Capel on Vimeo.

Taking Stock (2017) from Duncan Cowles on Vimeo.

David Elms – Regular from RANDOM ACTS on Vimeo.

Peach Club – Chris Hayward

Robot Sex final ep – Ben Mallaby

Mardi – Toby Williams and Hannah George

Spectre of Shame from Jon Drever on Vimeo.

Agua Donkeys from MP Cunningham on Vimeo.

You also saw Twin Peaks audition tape by Big Red Button and Thawed by Alistair Green, Diane Morgan and Jon Drever but they’re not online yet.