Next Shooting The Breeze is Sep 17th

This will be the 4th Shooting The Breeze at Shortwave Cinema and with it comes a plethora of brilliant new shorts, clips and guests.

Shooting The Breeze came about from being a filmmaker myself and feeling heartbroken when the fruits of mine and my friends, whom are usually all working round the clock in their personal time to create such things, are only viewed on the tiniest of tiny screens.

Often the shorts I love are the mini cinematic masterpieces, made to the same spec as my most loved, high budget features. So Shooting The Breeze gets em’ up on a big(ish) screen, where we can all enjoy them for what they are; really brilliant.

Thrilled to announce a film by Michael Spicer and Ben Mallaby, featuring Alice Lowe and Richard Herring will get its first outing and a lovely film featuring Catherine Tate and Alex Macqueen, directed by Matt Holt too.

The Blaine brothers, recently back from SXSW with their first feature Nina Forever, will screen some bits and take any questions you may have.

Got some lovely daft bits from Diane Morgan and Alistair Green, directed by STB fave, Jim Owen.

Looking forward to introducing you to my two new discoveries from across the pond, Andrew Laurich and MP Cunningham. They make stuff that’s beautiful like a painting, but sick like a bad dream.

Steve Oram, nailing the film world right now has offered us a masterclass in trailers and Mark O’Sullivan and Miles Chapman bring their latest bleakly brilliant work.

I too have something awful to show you, maybe my saddest work to date? It features the wonderful Mike Wozniak and Tom Meeten, who I both owe big time, you’ll see why.

I’ll be hosting it, in my usual manner. High on passion, low on facts.


Sep 17th – doors at 7pm – show starts at 7.15pm – you’ll be out of there by 8.16pm.

Shortwave Cinema – 10 Bermondsey Square – SE1 3UN

Rachel Stubbings IS Shooting The Breeze