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Shooting The Breeze September 2017

What a lovely time we all had. Apart from two films, a directorial debut by Mike Wozniak called SUMP, which I think needs to stay offline for a bit, and a new/old sketch from The Blaine Brothers, all the films from Septembers Shooting The Breeze are below. Big thank you to Jim Cummings, Toby Williams, Ben Mallaby, Jon Drever, Matteo Mosterts, Chris and Ben Blaine, … Continue reading Shooting The Breeze September 2017 »

Robox Sex with Richard Herring

This is a series Richard Herring wrote based on a real life argument he had with his wife, as part of his AIOTM series. I play his wife Catie. Directed by Ben Mallaby.  

One Tw*t has arrived…

This is a film I wrote called One Tw*t directed by Ben Mallaby. Julie’s connection to her brother is so strong it stops her meeting a man. That is, until Bradley shows up. Starring Mike Wozniak, Tom Meeten and Rachel Stubbings