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Robox Sex with Richard Herring

This is a series Richard Herring wrote based on a real life argument he had with his wife, as part of his AIOTM series. I play his wife Catie. Directed by Ben Mallaby.


How To Make Films

Myself and Stu Laws of Turtle Canyon fame have been threatening to work together for years, and we finally got around to it. Here’s some characters really similar to ourselves, called Cords and Dane, who much like Stu and I, make films, for no money, all the time.
I don’t adhere to any of the rules personally, but you might learn something.

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i did it for love

In May 2015, for reasons I no longer remember, I decided to dust off my old agony aunt character, a character I cleverly named Rachel Stubbings.

STUBBING OUT PROBLEMS TEASER from Rachel Stubbings on Vimeo.
Here’s some of the highlights but the whole caboodle can be found at www.stubbingoutproblems.com, the below doesn’t touch the sides.

Stubbing Out Problems #4 feat Amy Stephenson from Rachel Stubbings on Vimeo.
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Shooting The Breeze is BACK

We were so chuffed with how lovely the first Shooting The Breeze went that we’re doing it again!
It’s the opportunity to see work from the most exciting comedy talent behind and in front of the camera, up on the silver screen where it belongs. It never seems right watching the fruits of filmmakers labour on a diddy tablet or noodle splattered laptop screens, and bad … Continue reading Shooting The Breeze is BACK »

Standard Issue article on how to waste time

If you haven’t heard of a lovely new online magazine called Standard Issue then may I introduce you via an article I scribbled for them about procrastination: A Procrastinator’s Guide To Wasting Time Properly
Standard Issue is the brain child of Sarah Millican who quite rightly pointed out, there are very few magazines for woman that don’t focus on weight, fashion and some half baked idea … Continue reading Standard Issue article on how to waste time »