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November’s Shooting The Breeze – thanking you all please

Despite the standard post-Shooting The Breeze hangover, I feel all fuzzy with appreciation. Thank you to all the filmmakers, of which I have mentioned below, and thank you to all who came. With a risk of sounding like a ruddy hippy, nothing makes me happier than sharing good films with good people. We opened with The Blacksmith written and directed by STB fave Jon Drever at Grain … Continue reading November’s Shooting The Breeze – thanking you all please »

How To Make Films

Myself and Stu Laws of Turtle Canyon fame have been threatening to work together for years, and we finally got around to it. Here’s some characters really similar to ourselves, called Cords and Dane, who much like Stu and I, make films, for no money, all the time. I don’t adhere to any of the rules personally, but you might learn something. Stu has been … Continue reading How To Make Films »